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.Monday, September 21, 2009 ' 9:40 AM
& your love is all i ever wanted

sori didnt blog yesterday, was 2 tired
well i got 1 week 2 rest before gg 2 adelaide
would be missing u guys

first day:
well we spend half of d day travelling
so that meant we spent half a day slping
d moment we reach there we settle down
and then go boom netting
it was raining when we wanted 2 boom net
so we were jumping in d rain
a word of caution for guys:-
excessive jumping hurts ur balls
then we reach survival island
d gls staring pitching a 20 men tent
and we rest around the fire
managed 2 slp soundly on survival island

second day:
we got up and started doing pt.
someone forgot abt her injury and injure herself again -.-
then we kayak back 2 d main campsite
omg 1.5hr of kayaking is damn tiring
my arm was sore from d single kayak
and i cant bend my legs.....
we were kayaking thru choppy water, sun, rain and swallow water
when we got back we r supposed 2 do ff but cant due 2 d rain
so we started playing indoors games
it was damn fun lah, watching them making a fool of themselves
then we had a campfire
well u have 2 be there 2 enjoy it.

third day:
well it more of pack up and debriefing...
d mood was quite serious
well wat 2 do it is a training camp afterall
we said our goodbye and went off

all i have 2 say was it was damn fun
d food was imba great
and d tea roxs to the core
cant wait 2 go off again 2 adelaide

.Thursday, September 10, 2009 ' 11:19 AM
& your love is all i ever wanted

ok remind me nvr do cruntches with hongming
i am 2 sadistic 2 be in any circuit station
u can ask row, soshi and wendy. haha
now i am suffering from a full 6 abs ache
just lying there on my bed is painful...

well would be slacking at home while ironing clothes
take this day 2 rest my body.
wonder how d gl would fare during their rehearsal
well it onli 18 of them so it should not be a prob

25hrs till i recieve grp 5 proposal.
veri excited with wat my grp would come up with
hope it nothing taxing on them

.Saturday, September 5, 2009 ' 7:38 PM
& your love is all i ever wanted

went out with d gls today
we went to watch d dance competition at suntec
watch it with ain, qinyi, daneal, ben and zoe
it was damn fun lah
but it damn painful to the butt

omg d junior section is so damn cute
i want a chibi version of them and keep them as pets
and d solo category was damn gd.
then come d grp category
omg d last to gd is godly man
u have 2 c them to believe it.

aft that went 2 walk around marina square
while walking we camwhore a bit onli
somehow d gls got a prob with asking for help
then we head 2 the esplanade
when 2 d library 2 slack and enjoy the aircon
hear some musicians playing some song
it was veri smoothing to the ears
then watch a contemporary dance there
somehow i watch 2 much hiphop
that i cant feel anything for d dance. haha

well hope ain got some idea for her dance
all d best for u and qinyi.
hope ur dance is a success. hahaha

.Friday, September 4, 2009 ' 5:59 AM
& your love is all i ever wanted

look at d time, it freaking 6am and i am awake
i need 3 go back 3 slp pls!!!!!!
hai~ guess there 2 much thing in my head...
i need a head massage. noe anyone that gd at it???

yesterday watch a bit of d junior s&s.
they r quite promising. hahaha
how they can keep 2 wat they said at d bus stop
which i tink they already forgot since all 3 guls got stm

now i am on a haitus for mousehunt
i would be at lab for a freaking long time.
250k of gold 2 farm before i continue 2 training ground
that a long, long, long, long, long time.
my prediction until kim goes 2 mos, i would still be farming

.Tuesday, September 1, 2009 ' 10:48 PM
& your love is all i ever wanted

when 2 sch 2 slack today.
was at ourspace and then fantasia room
manage 2 trick zoe that ben was not coming. haha
somehow i look veri different with my hair
and all of d comment came form d gls...
i shall verify it tmr with d sgls

aft that went out with my sec sch friends
eat at al ameen,
somehow i managed 2 go 2 d wrong place. haha
it was fun cing all d old faces again
manage 2 catch up on some of them
a lot of crapping happen then
more bastarding skill pick up from them. haha

well tmr would be d first grp games
hope it goes well
that way we got lesser things 2 do. haha
all d best grp 1!!!
a rest of d gls, learn from thier mistakes

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